Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Brunch list!

Okay, first things first. Brunch. I love brunch, mostly because I love the idea of dessert for breakfast.

Below, I've put one-line descriptions after the restaurant's name and neighborhood. Check the initials to see if it was me or someone else who wrote them. It'd be great to have people add their two cents, in either the comments or on the page itself. (I can give you the password to edit.)

900 Grayson (West Berkeley) - Cute, a bit minimalist foodwise, but often tuned to KALX. (ds)

Aunt Mary's (Temescal)
I've eaten here about 5 times. The food is great, creative and tasty, the staff is super friendly, the coffee is delicious and packs a punch, the space is sunny and inviting. That being said, the proportions need work, and it takes FOREVER to get your food. I think these are new restauranteurs and so they have not figured out the "serving all your food at the same time without letting the food get cold." It seems to take 1.5-2 hours to get out of there. I will continue to go here alot, but never when I'm in a hurry or starving. (jt)
Went for the first time this weekend, and all JT says is right. The pain perdue (French toast w/ custard and whiskey) was amazing, as was the sausage and Migas. I love the atmosphere, staff, and art on the walls. We went at 2:55 (they close at 3) and they were happy to seat us. Looking forward to going back. (ds)

Blackberry Bistro (Lower Hills) - Adorable, tiny, crowded early. (ds)

Brown Sugar Café (Southern food, West Oakland) -- Hit or miss, but great biscuits. (ds)

Café 817 (Downtown Oakland)

Café Fanny (West Berkeley)

Cockadoodle Café (Downtown Oakland)

Farmers Markets (Grand Lake or Temescal) - Breakfast tamales from the Grand Lake or something else with a Blue Bottle cappuccino from the Temescal (mp), like a buckwheat crepe from the French guys who make crepes. (ko)

J's Hamburgers and Such (Mexican, Piedmont) - For the Huevos Rancheros, of course. (mh)

Jimmy Bean's (Gilman) - Went back for the first time in years recently. Had a stunningly good cheese danish. Other stuff was pretty basic. (ds)

La Note (French, Downtown Berkeley)

Luka's (Downtown Oakland) - Has great beignets, but a bit overpriced. (ds)

Lynn & Lu's (Grand Lake) - I used to love this greasy spoon, but it's gotten greasier. Good outdoor seating in back. (ds)

Mama's Royal Café (Temescal) -- Greasy hipster diner, good people watching, okay food (ds).

Meal Ticket (Gilman)

Merritt Bakery (East Oakland) - Hit or miss foodwise, but always a great experience overall! (ms)

Montclair Egg Shop (Oakland Hills)

Oliveto's downstairs cafe (North Oakland) - For the occasional "breakfast pizza" (mp)

Piedmont Cafe (Piedmont) - For its extreme basic-ness (mp)

Rick & Ann's (Claremont) - An institution, which means forget about the weekends. Amazing sausage patties. (ds)

Rudy's Can't Fail Café (Emeryville) -- Everyone loves this place, but I have never had a good time there. Takeout, however, is great for a sandwich. (ds)

Sam’s Log Cabin (Albany)

Saul's (Jewish Deli, Gourmet Ghetto, Berkeley) - Love that pickle barrel. Good cheap eats. (ds)

Sconehenge (South Berkeley)

Shandong restaurant (Chinatown) On weekends they have Chinese breakfast- hot soy milk, cruellers, beef and scallions in homemade steamed bread, sesame bread, sweet red bean buns, etc. Shandong is CHEAP! You can feed 6 for under $30. And they make all their dumpling dough by hand, and the bread and handmade noodles are also made in the front of the shop. Dinner is also delicious and cheap here!(jt)

Somerset (Rockridge) - I love this place, even if it's a bit Cal Parents Weekendy at times. Great coffee drinks, great potatoes, great pancakes. (ds)

Thai Brunch (South Berkeley) -- Semi-legal institution run by a church. Good, plentiful Thai favorites, outdoor seating, lots of college students. (ds)

Tropix (Carribean, Piedmont) - Amazing cornbread! (ds)

World Ground (Laurel District)

East Bay Grubbin'

Welcome to East Bay Grub. What is it, exactly? Well, it's a food blog, devoted to eats in the East Bay. (I originally wanted to call it East Bay Eats, but that was taken.)

I got tired of always asking people where to eat. I wanted to just go and see what Wendy thought about breakfast joints, without having to bother her. Or what Karen thought was the best sushi place. Etc etc.

So I asked some folks to help me make a list of places that were worthy. And then I made this blog so we could all participate. Meaning that this should be interactive. I can give you the email and code and you can post whatever you want about food. Want to list your favorite pizza places? Best butter pecan ice cream? Grumpiest wait staff? Cool!

Or maybe you'd like to expound on the stuff that's up here already, maybe write a whole post about Fonda vs. Flora, Rick & Ann's vs. Lynn & Lu's. I'd love it if people wrote comments about each place that's listed.

So let's get grubbin'.