Tuesday, February 10, 2009

East Bay Grubbin'

Welcome to East Bay Grub. What is it, exactly? Well, it's a food blog, devoted to eats in the East Bay. (I originally wanted to call it East Bay Eats, but that was taken.)

I got tired of always asking people where to eat. I wanted to just go and see what Wendy thought about breakfast joints, without having to bother her. Or what Karen thought was the best sushi place. Etc etc.

So I asked some folks to help me make a list of places that were worthy. And then I made this blog so we could all participate. Meaning that this should be interactive. I can give you the email and code and you can post whatever you want about food. Want to list your favorite pizza places? Best butter pecan ice cream? Grumpiest wait staff? Cool!

Or maybe you'd like to expound on the stuff that's up here already, maybe write a whole post about Fonda vs. Flora, Rick & Ann's vs. Lynn & Lu's. I'd love it if people wrote comments about each place that's listed.

So let's get grubbin'.

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  1. Oh yeah, one thing I forgot to mention. I haven't been to all these places. So if there's no description, that means I have heard it's good, but I'm not sure. Feel free to add your opinion.