Sunday, March 8, 2009

Manga Italiana

I don't go out to Italian places very much, mostly because I figure I can cook Italian fine at home. However, people I asked liked these places, so I'm offering them up here.

Bucci's (Emeryville)

Dopo (Piedmont) - Everyone loves this place, it's near my apt, but it's not very gluten free, so I'll have to wait for the right opportunity to go. (ds)

Lo Coco's (Berkeley) I expect not all will agree here, but there's something about that place. (mp) Bleh. (ds)

Nizza La Bella (Albany)

Oliveto (Rockridge)

Pizzaiolo (Temescal) - People complain about the wait and the 'tude, but I had a great time here. Sweet atmosphere and excellent 'zas. Not so sure about the whole "put the salad on top of the pizza" thing though. (ds)

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