Sunday, March 8, 2009

Basmati Baby

Man, I love Indian food. And I'm very forgiving. So I don't really care that there's not anywhere that superior in the East Bay. Maybe, though, in Fremont it's different?

Flavors of India (Grand Lake) Excellent but pricey. (ds)

Biryani House (Downtown Berkeley) - Best biryani I've ever had! Just really succelent meat. The other dishes are pretty standard, and the decor is leftover from a Burger King. Still, worth it for the biryani. (ds)

Breads of Indian (Old Oakland) - I like the food a lot but I seem to recall the menu changing frequently and so sometimes you can't get things you want. Maybe a little pricier too? (ds)

House of Curries (Rockridge) - I go all the time, since it's near the Beanery. Not sure about anything other than the Chicken Tikka Masala and the veggie pakora, because that's all I ever get. Why mess with success? (ds)

Kerry House Raj Indian Cuisine (Piedmont) - Perfectly decent for takeout. (ds)

Khana Khazana (Emeryville) – I have a friend who comes over from SF to eat take out from this Indian place. The restaurant itself has no atmosphere, but the people who work there are super nice. (ko) Isn't this where Armstead and Phyllis got food poisoning? I never had any trouble, tho. (ds)

Vik's Chaat Corner (West Berkeley) Honestly, I don't see what the big deal is about this place. Cheap, greasy, runny food that's housed in an old, barren warehouse. What's the beef? Or, in this case, the lamb? (ds)

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