Monday, April 13, 2009

More Dinner Places

How about we wrap up the dinner places now?

Here's a few Mexican spots:

Cesar (Two Locations: Piedmont and Gourmet Ghetto) - super pricy, but great cocktails. (ds)

Doña Thomas (Temescal) - an institution. (ds)

Fonda (Solano Ave, Berkeley)

Tamarindo (Mexican Tapas, Old Oakland)

Then here's some odds and sods that people have recommended:

Café Rouge (Mediterranean, 4th St, Berkeley)

Wally's Cafe (Middle Eastern, Emeryville) - Seems like it'd be greasy, as it's attached to a skanky bar off San Pablo. But instead the food is great and plentiful, and the folks are super nice. (ds)

Lois the Pie Queen (North Oakland) - We go for the chicken and waffles. (ko)

Speisekammer (German, Alameda) - so-so food at outrageous prices. good beer though (ds).

T Rex (BBQ, Gilman) - Has good brunch & happy hour. (ko) But don't go on a Sunday night, unless you like tough meat. (ds)

Tanjia (Moroccan, Temescal) - looks good, any tried it?

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  1. I need more green to eat out. Still, when I can afford it, I do. I usually like BREAKFAST

    Look at this blog! I don't know Andy, but maybe you do?